Dr Anthony Freeman is a specialist vascular and endovascular surgeon working together with Sydney Vascular Ultrasound to provide a full-service model of care for the comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and post-operative care of patients with venous and arterial disorders.

With a focus on ensuring his patients have ready access to the latest and most up to date diagnosis and treatment modalities for all vascular conditions, he provides consulting and diagnostic services at Liverpool, Bankstown, Burwood and Gledswood Hills.

Working towards better patient outcomes and improved quality of life, Dr Freeman performs the full range of open vascular surgical procedures and endovascular (minimally invasive) interventions and provides treatment options tailored to each individual’s needs.

Experience counts

Dr Freeman and Sydney Vascular Ultrasound provide comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and expert care in the management of all vascular conditions.

Specialist Care

Providing diagnosis, management and treatment for all venous and arterial conditions affecting the vascular system.

Vascular Ultrasound

Specialist vascular ultrasound diagnostic services are an integral part of our care model.

Vascular Surgery

Dr Freeman is a highly skilled vascular and endovascular (minimally invasive) surgeon.

Expert Vascular Care

There are many conditions that affect the vascular system. These include venous conditions including varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, leg ulcers and pelvic congestion syndrome and arterial conditions such as carotid disease, aneurysms, peripheral arterial disease and mesenteric and renovascular disease. Other common vascular conditions include diabetic foot disease, renal failure requiring vascular access, hyperhidrosis and thoracic outlet syndrome.  Dr Freeman and his team provide a full range of diagnostic testing, treatment and management for all of these conditions. They understand the importance of convenience and high quality care, provide quick access and flexible appointment times and are able to care for both private and public patients.

With a passion for teaching, Dr Freeman is involved training Royal Australian College of Surgeons Vascular Surgical Trainees and remains committed to ensuring he provides the latest advice in relation to treatment methods to his students.

Our Locations


74 Burwood Rd
Burwood NSW 2134


T: 02 9744 0133
F: 02 9744 7603


Suite 110, 68 Eldridge Road
Bankstown NSW 2200


T: 02 9793 9175
F: 02 9601 6730


Suite 3.04, 24 Bigge St
Liverpool NSW 2170


T: 02 8315 7797
F: 02 9709 6275

Gledswood Hills

Suite 14, 7 Gregory Hills Drive Gledswood Hills NSW 2157


T: 02 8315 7797
F: 02 97096275

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